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Designed with the trail rider in mind   With the McLeod, there’s an easily adjusted setting for every trail condition and rider, including all-mountain endure riders, XC racing and weekend trail riders.   Made using 7050 aerospace-grade aluminum, the McLeod is armed with the lightweight durability riders require. It is remote-ready at the consumer level, and works with the MILO system. Manitou’s groundbreaking 4-position Incremental Platform Adjuster (IPA) allows the rider to select a range of platform levels, from fully plush and linear to a firm. (And you thought IPAs were just for after the ride!)
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Weight Lb / grams
.60 / 272
Canister Diameter
43mm OD/ 40mm ID
Incremental Platform Adjust Rebound Air Pressure
Air Valve Type
Positioned at angle to fit all frames
Damper Shaft Material
10mm 7050 ALm Hard Ano
Damper Body Color
Black Hard Ano
Eyelet Hardware
Industry standard 12.7mm ID Bushings 6,8,10 mm ID Hardware 2-piece or 3-piece hardware depending on size
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MILO ready at OEM, Dealer, and Consumer Level!